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…Gardening.  It happens every year around this time; I become antsy with planting my vegetable garden.  I’ve started my herbs again , using the paper bag method.  It was successful last year with all my herbs and tomatoes!  I’m also using another DIY seed starter that I’ll post about later.  I still need to purchase some of the seed starters from the store though.  I want to jump start most of my seeds indoors this year in order to extend my harvest period. 

… Donuts.  We had a rare, sweet treat this weekend!  I say rare, not because we are sugar prudes, no no, we are quite the opposite.  I mean, we once drove all the way to Portland, OR  just so we could eat at Voodoo Doughnut.  I  even have a lovely picture of me stuffing my face with the Ol’ Dirty Bastard to prove it.  Yummy.   I say it is a rare treat because we do not have a donut shop close to our house. 

… DIY Play Dough.  I made this green play dough for the  kids this weekend.  They loved it and are still playing with it as I type.  I got the recipe from Pinterest, of course, and it is a pin that actually works!   (You can follow me on pinterest here if you want!)

… Sketch.  I’ve picked up my art journal again.  We’ll see where I go with this sketch.  My husband hates it, but that’s not surprising.  He is a really good drawer, and if it doesn’t look life-like or really pretty, then he doesn’t like it. Haha!

… Flowers.  The “I’m Sorry” flowers are from the hubs.  They were accompanied with a very nice letter of apology.  I accepted.  What can I say?  I’m sucker for letters and flowers.

That’s it for us!  Now tell me, how was your weekend?!