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I come to redeem myself today.  Last week I boldly promised to write another post the following day, but wouldn’t you know it, the cosmos had other plans.  Our beloved computer has been sounding as if a plane propeller was turning inside of it, so we decided to drop it off at the repair shop before it completely died on us.  Luckily for my wallet, it was a $20 fix.  It was really dusty inside, so it was blown out, and just like that, it now runs like dream. 
To be frank though, if it had died, I would have f-r-e-a-k-e-d out because I am a bad person who doesn’t back up her pictures or files.  I know, I know.  For shame.  I just let the  pictures hog all of our memory, too.  I’m a bad computer owner. 
So anyway, we finally picked her up and welcomed her home yesterday.  I never knew how deep my love is for my computer until it was gone. 
Okay.  So there is my excuse for not sitting down and writing the way I should be.  I would promise to write tomorrow about this and that, but I’m thinking I would be setting myself up again.  Instead, I will t-r-y and catch up tomorrow…at some point.