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we have been humming sweeter tunes lately.  why?  because, this week is semester finals for bubba.  this sated week of events has the ingredients to fill our house with both tension, and a smidge of excitement blended together.  the tension comes from my husband’s crazy side emerging; undoubtedly from the stress of his final grades.  the joy is from the prospect of having an entire month of rest!

ahhh, i’ve been daydreaming about it, too:  help around the house…more help with our hooligans...i can actually use the car everyday...i won’t be trapped in the house six days a week…and projects will finally be completed.

all of this is short term.  even so, i can say with certainty, that he is excited for his reasons and i’m excited for my reasons. but, our main cause for celebration, is the well needed r&r.