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I was just getting used to my twenties when 30 happened.  Now, I’m 32, and I’m three doors away from knocking on my mid-thirties.  It feels weird. 

I spoke with confidence when I turned 30 & 31, but this year, I realize I’m just getting older.  
Where I once grabbed my best girls for a night out to shut down the bars, I now capitalize on getting a day off from motherhood, chores, and wifely duties.  Life’s conundrums at its best. 

Moving on…

// I think that most of the pictures here are pretty self explanatory, however, I want to elaborate on the first one.  You know, the one with the birthday cake.  I’m the baker in this house, and therefore, I’m the birthday cake maker.  I make everyone’s cake, from scratch, and with love every year.  Even my own. 

But this year, my husband was insistent on making my cake.  My husband is a terrible baker.  He’ll admit it.  Nevertheless, he had to bake it.  Obviously, it was a coconut cake, my favorite.  I have my Great Aunt Beth to blame for it.  She made this Easter bunny cake one year when I was a kid, that had coconut layered on it to act as fur.  It was love at first bite.  I never knew frosting, cake, and coconut could mingle like that, but they do, and thank heaven for it!  I bake it once a year, every year, on my birthday.  (Before I baked, I bought it.) 

So, Bubba rose early, strapped on my apron, (kidding) and dirtied up the kitchen.  Always a good sign.  Later that evening, after all the candle fire jokes ceased, and happy birthday was sung, my husband using our daughters name by mistake, I blew out my candles in one breath.  
(Coconut flakes flew everywhere.  When you have that many candles, you have to blow pretty hard.) 

Then came the moment of truth.  Did the cake taste good?  He anxiously waited for my first bite. 

It was awful.  It was written all over my face.  Not in total disbelief, he took a bite himself.  He nodded his up and down, swallowed and then said, “Yep.  That is totally disgusting.” 

Bless his heart though.  It was in the right place. Haha!  He tried making me a cake from a box the next day to make it up to me, but he ruined that one, too.  He finally gave up and bought me a delicious coconut cupcake from the bakery. 

At least he tried.   

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