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You’ve heard the environmental arguments from the holier-than-thou-be-green-team, explain the importance of ditching your use of the paper towel. 


I --am not-- that fanatical.  My motivation is merely me being a cheapskate. (my husbands words)  Or as I like to assume, a conscientious consumer.  

Although, I’m happy to see my inability to splurge on the aforementioned item also does our planet a little good. ;) 


I’m not going to sit and lie to you, and say that we never buy paper products.  We do on occasion.  For instance, back in July, while my niece & nephew stayed with us, I splurged and purchased a $2 package of paper napkins.  I understand that napkins are not paper towels, but it is close enough!

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I’m also not going to lie to you and say that we gave up our use of paper towels cold turkey.  When it comes to changing ones habits, it has to become a lifestyle change.  Even small ones such as paper towels.  And just like with most habit busting techniques, I winged us off of them. 

On average, we used one roll per week.  I changed that to only using one roll every two weeks, and then eventually only one per month.  Now I don’t purchase them at all. 


Now, we use a cheap set of 18 white rags from Wal-Mart for $4.  At least that is how much they cost in my neck of the woods.  We use them for everything, and once the holes begin to form, I toss them out. 

(The picture of the their 9 count dishcloths.  They were out of the 18 count.)



Because I'm sure you’re curious, I will go ahead and tell you that we have not bought paper towels in 11 months.  It will be ONE YEAR this November. My husband will tell you that he misses them sometimes, but I haven’t really noticed a difference.


// I also wash all the rags once a week, along with other whites in the house.  This way it doesn’t feel like the extra laundry is a burden. //  You can get my DIY Laundry Soap here.

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My cost is about $11.  I purchased two packages of the 18 count and one the 9 count in one year.


I asked a friend of mine who has the same size family as myself (5), how many rolls per week they use.  Her answer was about 3 rolls.  I would say that is close to $20 per month, right?  Give or take. 


Tally that up for a whole year and that would equal $240. 

Visualize the savings:  What could I buy every month for $20? 

New shoes? 




You see where I’m going with this?


It’s just as easy to pull a dishcloth out of a drawer, as it is to pull a sheet off a paper towel roll.   Promise.


What ways do you save extra money in your home? 


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