carbon copy weekend

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Our weekend was a carbon copy from the weekend before that.  A little bit of cooking here and there mixed in with great fall weather that allowed us to either stay outside and play for hours or cuddle inside when it started to rain.  As mundane as it seems, it was a great weekend that allowed me to finish my book, make a dent in my knitting, and of course clean and take care of little ones.

//1  My Mexican Rice.  Recipe will be posted later this week. ;)

//2  My peppers have been growing like wild flowers.  It feels so satisfying to cultivate and grow your own food.

//3  Mama’s tinted lip balm on baby girl’s lips.  She was excited; can you tell!?

//4  A reader of mine suggested buying a set of window markers for the kids on rainy days.   I so appreciate that whisper of advice because it was a sanity saver that day!  Plus, the kids go wild for it.  It seriously kept Scout entertained for almost two hours.  Go buy some!

//5  This is love letter to a stranger that I promised myself to leave behind somewhere in a public place but forgot to do it!!  Every time I left the house, I would leave the letter on the shelf.  Hopefully this week I can get the job done.  If you’re interested in why I’m doing this and what it is about, click here.

//6  Outside time was plentiful for the kids.

//7  My moist, buttery, roasted chicken.  It was so delicious!

//8  My PURPLE bell peppers.  I had no idea these existed until they started growing in my garden.  They are bright green on the inside and they have a mild sweet taste.  Cool, huh?!!  

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