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Canning is a process that you have to simply hand over your entire day to.  Throw on your apron and deal with it.  It has the reputation of becoming a real time sucker

If you’re like me, who has three children under your feet at all times to manage, then it’s enough to make you batty by the end of the whole mess.  Couple this with next-to-nothing canning supplies and only working with what you have; It makes a long day even longer.  (and you can forget about eating lunch) 


This past weekend, I handed over most of my day, and managed to retain most of my good mood by the end of it all.  Despite my high spirits, I was wiped out.  I smelled like vinegar, too.  I also had very little ambition to clean the mess afterwards, but I did, because I was the only one there to do it.

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Let me back up to Friday.  Our first frost hit, so I made sure to pick every pepper I could manage—just in case—hence the canning and freezing I had to do.  I brought my herbs inside, so they are still thriving.  As for the rest of the garden, I trimmed back the asparagus ferns, artichoke, etc, and added additional dirt in preparation for Fall/Winter months.  Let’s hope they survive!

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So there you have it.  My weekend in a nutshell.  It was full of peppers, tomatoes, canning, gardening and cleaning. 

At least it is finished.

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Here are some outtakes from the jalapeno jar photo shoot.  I told ya, I always gotta kid on my heels.

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