Thoughts & A Recipe

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It’s blazing hot outside, but I can’t be bothered by details.  I had to make myself a cup of hot chocolate while I dream of cooler days.  I can’t help it.  Summer just isn’t my season.  To add more insult to summer, I also made a large pot full of hearty chicken soup.


Ahh…summer.  You can leave now; and take your humidity with you.




On other topics, I actually have quite a bit that I want to say.  I just haven’t been spitting them out.  Does that happen to you?  I do plan on talking about my failing vegetable garden, and the homeschooling programs we are using, for those who are curious.  I also have a pretty touchy topic to discuss when it comes to our real life friends and family.  It really is an over due explanation that a particular few have patiently, and not so patiently, been waiting to read.  I feel like it will be the post that can answer all the questions and if they ever pop up with another question, then I can state, “Read the blog! It’s all there!”.   


Annnd, just as soon as I get a grip on my procrastination, I will sit down and type it all out.


But while I sit here, sipping on my leftover hot coco, I want to wrap up my post with this:  Today, I’ve felt very enlightened within my faith, and it feels great to have understanding and knowledge of Christ.  It brings me to a place of peace that I didn’t feel when I lived life without him.  I feel blessed that my son has the same realization at such a young age, whereas it took me until adulthood.


Now for the easy recipe that my title hints at: I hope you enjoy it.