It’s That Time Again // Homeschooling

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I sat down a couple of weeks ago, gazed at my calendar, and gulped, “Crap!”  This is code for, holy-crap-there-is-so-much-to-do-before-school-starts!  It goes beyond jamming your cart through the store on the no tax holiday for school supplies.  Nope.  Homeschool moms get to worry about planning a whole curriculum.  A curriculum based on your child's strengths and needs to get ahead in their education.  No pressure, right?  Eeee Gads! 
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At some point during my adult-hood, I had made the postulation that I was finished with school.  The parenting books I read during my first pregnancy failed to mention that as long as my children are learning, I too, am expected to repeat grades K-12 along side of them.  It never ends, the learning process.  I now understand why my grandfather once told me, “I’m not going to help you with your homework! I’ve already been to school, college, and raised four boys.” 
Grandpa, where ever you are, I get it. 
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Any way.  We realized last years program choice was a bad choice.  What does that mean?  It means I had to do a lot of research.  As in days and hours of research.  But I finally have it all ordered and it will be dribbling in over the next two weeks.  Just enough time for me to review it all, set it all up, and get some organization in place.

In the mean time, I did take advantage of the no-tax holiday, and jammed my cart through the cluster of moms and kids at Target, and bought a few things we will be needing this school year.  Wish me luck, and hopefully this experience will strengthen my patience.  Maybe that’s why God has me doing this…to teach me to be more patient.