Perception of Time

Liz LuscombComment

The kids, Kaylie and Kayden, (a.k.a, my niece & nephew) blew through my front door from Texas earlier this week.  They are staying with us for the month. 


It was a slight shock to my eyes when I saw them, standing nearly as tall as me, tan, and so…dare I say…grown up.  As an adult, I only seem to keep the memories of the children in my life, as just that, children.  As if they never grow older, even though I know, with each passing year, they are logically another year older.


I suppose one day, they will visit when they are in their twenties (my forties, yikes!) and I’m sure I’ll still expect to see an eight year old and a six year old to stroll through the door.  Perception of time seems to loose itself in aging.


On other news, the three amigos are back together…