Catch Me If You Can

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A streaking two year old and a turtle.  I’m sure you’re wondering where this is going.

A particular story has been relayed to me over and over again by grandparents, my dad, and uncle, since I was two years old.  It was a hot summer, Texas, day when my cousin and I (both two years old) were swimming with our mothers in a kiddy pool. (I think) All was fine and dandy until my cousin and I both stripped down to our birthday suits and took off running, giggling the entire way down the street; our mothers frantically at our heels.  We apparently wanted to see our grandparents, because their house is where we landed.  It is just one of those family stories, that make all who were there, burst into a deep belly laugh.  Except for me.  I give the, I was two, let it go, look. haha!

I am telling you this because I apparently passed down the streaking gene to my two year old.  Here is why….

My husband grabbed his fishing pole to cast a line into the pond before the approaching storm hit.  While on his way to the dock, he hollered at me to come check out this turtle he found.  Of course I darted out the screen door to look, only to stop halfway to say, “hold on, I need to grab my camera.”  With that, I scurried back into the house, grabbed my camera, and ran out the door.  What I didn’t realize, was that my toddler was at my heels, stripping off his clothes.  When he came up beside me, that’s when I saw his naked behind.
Obviously this is unacceptable, so I make my move to grab him.  He is a quick little sucker though, and he decides to play, catch me if you can, around the yard.  Every near catch is followed by his uproarious laughter.  I eventually gave up and let him feel free in the breeze while he pretended to be an airplane.

I’m assuming this probably happened because one of our mothers probably cursed us by saying, “I hope one of your kids does this to you one day…”  Hahaha.   At least I know it works if I say it. Ha!!
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