My Boys

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My boys…

They celebrated another year of life last month.  This is a very cliché saying, but it is true,  they really are growing up fast.  Especially my twelve year old!  The mere thought that I have a twelve year old, stresses my brain out.


I don’t really have any profound words to say about their birthdays, but the simple fact that I made their special day “feel” special is enough for me.  Especially since we combined their birthdays on Nathan’s, which happened to be the day before we left for our vacation.  It was an extremely hectic day. 



I also created the worlds best vanilla cake recipe ever… then I lost it.  Better yet, Scout lost it.   I call it, Scout’s black hole.   (we ate an entire sheet cake in one day b/c it was that good.  Over indulgent? Yes. But I assure you it was worth it. ) 


After I realized that the awesome recipe had been colored on, then disappeared, within 7 seconds, I had to break the news to my husband.  After the typical questions, like, why would you leave it laying out like that? were answered, I reassured him that it was all good!


Imagine me tapping the side of my head with my pointing finger convincing my husband, not to worry,  because I have it safely stored up here.


Thing is…I did NOT have it safely stored in my mind because the cake, while it looked edible, was the most disgusting thing I think I’ve ever made.  It all went into the trash.  Don’t ask where it went wrong, because I don’t know.  But what I do know, is that I need to retrieve my missing recipe from Scout’s black hole.  I MUST!


Luckily they were champs about it and enjoyed a mountain of donuts instead. 

Happy Birthday to the special boys in my life.  I love you.