The Next Big Thing

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Today we are supposed to show another blogger some love and tell everyone all about why we cherish their little space on the internet.  While most people will undoubtedly talk about one they have followed since the beginning of their blogging days, I will be telling you about more of newbie.  Not her being a newbie, but her blog being new to me.  So...without further adieu, meet Mary Beth from Annapolis & Company.

Picture is by Mary Beth @ Annapolis & Company
First, let me tell you that I don't know how to write a post like this without it seeming creepy!! Ha!
I'm sending her an email directly after writing this so that she doesn't think I'm so sort of weirdo blog stalker, and then apologize profusely for taking her photo from her blog. 

Like I said before, I've only recently began following her story, but it is one that I find myself not skipping over in the blog feed.  She writes from the heart. Good and bad.  She is extrememly talented in her photography and gives me inspiration each time I scroll through the pages.  Her pictures inspire me to be better and dare myself a little more when it comes to my pictures.  She shows me that its okay to have your photos be "moody".  It gives them depth and can make an onlooker see beyond the surface.  On top of this, I swear we are one in the same at times, going through similiar walks of life around the same time. 

Mary Beth is younger and still exploring the waters between life, dreams, and faith, and I can't help but admire her strength, and being able to witness her dreams manifesting before my eyes on screen.

Plus, the girl is as sweet as honey.  She has responded to every comment I have ever written! 
Alright.  There is my profession!  I hope you check her out, it will be worth your time, and probably the next big thing in blogging.

Now, I'm off to write that email...
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