That Time My Car Door Fell Off

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Story of My Life

Linking up with Jenni from Story of My Life (her link and picture above) 

Day 10 prompt is about spilling one of our embarrassing life moments for all to read in cyber land.

And while I have a vault full of funny moments, ranging from body parts, drunken college days, to just being an airhead, I think I am going to tell you about the time my car door fell off.

You read it right.

I was seventeen and driving a real piece at the time.  It was a white stick-shift, two door Cavalier, that had only one working window, and no A/C (big deal if you live in TX).

So.  There I was, resting at a stop sign, ready to pull out onto a highway, when I noticed my door wasn't shut all the way.  (This is the type of car where the seat belt is attached to the door)  I tried pulling the door handle to open and shut the door...except...when the door opened, it went KURPLUNK onto the street, pulling me along with it!!

I was absolutely, stunned.

It took a minute of me staring down at my door, laying on the ground, to realize this really did just happen.  My car door fell off.  In the street!

After a minute, I pull myself together, wiggle out of my belt, and try to pick up the door that was barely hanging from the support of the seat belt.

Ugh!! The door was so heavy, though.  If you could imagine a 100 pound teenager, red faced, eyes bulging, on the verge of a hernia, trying to left a heavy bleepin' car door...well it was a sight.

Then...a glimmer of hope came.  As I squatted, giving myself a hernia, someone pulled down the road.  Surely they would stop and help me put my door back on.  So I put on my best, "I'm helpless" face in hopes they would ask if I needed help.


The slooooowed down, peering at me with raised eyebrows, like I was a mad woman, and drove off!! Ugh! The nerve!

Eventually, I managed to find one of the "pins" that fell out of the door hinge and place part of the door back together...at least together enough, so that all I had to do was hold it shut while I slowly drove home.
Only thing was...I drove a stick.

There I was, creeping at five mph, holding the door closed with one arm, and the other trying to shift gears while my right knee steered.
It was a scene.  Looking back on it, I don't blame those people for driving away.

I finally made it home, with my dignity momentarily left behind.

So there it is.  My embarrassing confession.
What is your embarrassing moment?