Defining What I Do

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"What do you do?"

Over the last few years, I've struggled answering this question.  
Should I say, I'm a writer? Published author?  Because it is true, I am.  I receive royalty checks from my publisher and I own fancy business cards.  


I'm also a stay at home wife and mother.  

I'm not sure which answer a person is looking for when they ask that question.  Or when I'm at a doctor's office and the form asks for my employer/employment information.  It feels weird to scribble across the line,  I'm an author.  
That response is also usually followed by many questions...especially the tried and true, "Oh! What is it about!?"  I still haven't come up with a good summary for that question, haha!  

I suppose I'm going to say that what I do is take care of my family.  It is what I do day in and day out and it is the best job I could have ever asked for.  The responsibilities are endless, and the chores are exhausting, but it has been the most rewarding.  I'm rewarded with unconditional love, each and every day, which is the best form of money I could ever receive. 

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