A Rough Start

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At first, I thought this trip was doomed.  Mainly because our overnight trip to Asheville, was the stuff my nightmares are made of.  I let the experiences there set my expectations for our trip this week to Myrtle Beach. 


, at first, it appeared like things were starting off just the same. 

We packed our car up, Griswold style, and hit the road. 

The rest of the day went a little something like this.

Rori wailed, the entire drive, and

we get lost, twice.  (No fancy GPS for us. We roll old school around here, lol)

When we arrive at the hotel, 4 hours later, the gentleman kindly tells me our room will not be ready for another



The hotel offered zero parking and make its guests park a few buildings down. 

Oh! There was also a crotch rocket rally being held on Memorial weekend causing us to be surrounded by a very, very, rowdy crowd.  Even the hotel employees were counting down the days until the rally was over. 

“Just one more day…”  the housekeeper told me.


Three miserable hours later, we grab a hotel dolly, cross the busy street, down the sidewalk, and up a hill to the car and load it up to the top.  My husband was in charge of getting the dolly across the street and into our room, while my job was to safely cross the street with three kids.

However, we didn’t account for the bump in the road, sending two of the frozen meals I had prepared in aluminum baking dishes,

flying through the air and onto the street corner


Bubba scrambles to save what is left and made a flying leap to the sidewalk just before the herd of crotch rockets hit him.


Relieved to be in the room and settling in, we all dress in our swim suits and head to the beach, where Bubba and I try to corral two crying toddlers running in opposite directions across the beach.  During this time, I get

pinched by a CRAB

!  If you follow me on


, then you probably saw the delightful image of my pinched foot.  And if you’re wondering, it hurt! hahaha! Bubba tells me this sort of stuff can only happen to me, lol. :) (Thanks hun.) 


Even after all of that, the trip was awesome, and I will be documenting it here over the next week.  As for the rest of that first day, the motorcycle crowd & staff were very polite to us and held the doors open for our brood.  Others welcomed us with smiles and


.  The waves and weather were picture perfect, and after the initial first few hours there, everything straightened out, kids slept like champs, and we all had a memorable vacation.  In fact, we didn’t want to leave!  I think we could have stayed there for the rest of the summer.

Wouldn’t that be a dream come true?!

Until next time!