over the weekend

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I'm linking up again this weekend with the lovely Mary Beth at Annapolis & Company.  If you haven't checked her blog out, I hope you will.  Just be warned, her blog will suck you in and you'll want to peruse through all of her beautiful pictures!   

Her link up is a way for others to share highlights of captured moments that happened during their weekend.  Here is what happened around our house.

After everyone in the house was asleep, I decided to indulge in a late night snack of cinnamon toast, catch up on my readings while enjoying the sweet sound of rain on our windows.  It was one of those nights that I cherish because it had been a good ending to a good day.  //   We had a gloomy, rainy day...it was the kind of rain that never ceased...it just consistently rained, and rained, and rained.  //  Can you tell that it was our grocery shopping day?  Our freezer was virtually empty, as was our fridge.  //  I'm still reading, Temptation of Angels.  I find it hard to put this book down.  //  This is what Scout thinks of his potty training.  He drew all over his potty with dry erase marker.  He also showed me what he thinks of my rug, my floor, my dryer sheets, Rori's blanket, and his own body.  I had a major marker cleanup along with an impromptu bath... //  I started knitting a new hat for Nathan. So far I've only messed up on it twice, ha!  I'll get the hang of knitting sooner or later.  I'm hoping for sooner. //  I made a fresh batch of grilled Naan and popsicles for the kids.  //  Last but not least, I finally had the chance to catch the church sermon LIVE, only for them to have technical difficulties which prevented me from being able to watch.  Bummer.  I miss our church very much!! We haven't found a new church that will fit our family yet. 
How was your weekend?  Anything fun or amazing happen?