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A city slicker from the windy city blew into our household this week for a visit.  He came adorned in his city clothes and boots speaking with his northern accent.  I kid, I kid.  Sort-of.  His clothes are fancy and his accent is very real, but his roots lay in the heart of Texas where he spent his boyhood with my husband. This friendship runs deep and they refer to one another as brothers.  As always, it feels good to have visitors come to see our new home here in sweet dixie.  We were able to catch up on missed moments, laugh, and drink merrily.  Sometimes though, it is nice to throw back to a more simple tradition and enjoy the quiet of the country and go fishing.  

And that my friends, is exactly what the boys did.  Fish... for hours...and hours.  I'll let the pictures explain the rest.

City Slicker


Looks like we will be having fried fish for supper this week.

How was your week?