Yarn Along

Liz LuscombComment

When we packed our bags in Utah and headed back south to Texas, I never really unpacked my yarn and knitting needles.  I have a few excuses and a few reasons, but none of it really matters.  I guess the urge to knit warm things in such hot weather never made any sense in my mind.  So...they sat in a box collecting dust for TWO years.  

And since we moved to North Carolina, where the weather has proved to be cooler, and I suddenly became an avid reader of Small Things, my knitting aspirations have come back to me.  

That....and because my husband and oldest son keep begging me to knit them new hats.  I promised them I would in time for winter, but I never did.

I know, I know.  Bad girl. Hahaha!  Anyway, tired of their harassment, I started knitting Bubba a simple hat to wear at work.  (He works in a freezer, btw) 

So far, I've realized I'm extremely rusty and had to research what in the world,  p2tog had to do with knitting.  Just so you know, it is very important.  I've also had to start this same hat two different times because I totally botched the pattern!  Sigh...

 I can promise you one thing:  This hat will be finished before next winter! LOL.  

One other thing, I'm happy to finally be able to link up with Ginny for her Yarn Along link up that she hosts each week.  It's all about snapping a photo of what you are currently reading and knitting.  Unfortunately, I haven't picked out a new book from my library yet.  I'm about to browse my library ebook section and see if they have any that I would like to read.  

Maybe next week I'll have an actual title to show you and hopefully I'll be a little further in this hat pattern!