Sometimes You Look How You Feel

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Baby girl began feeling sick on our last day in D.C.  This is how she looked all day while sight seeing.  She just wasn't her usual self.  She even began feeling warm later that night so we gave her a does of Tylenol.  Her low fever quickly went away.  The next day, she was back to normal, but around 3 in the morning, she woke up screaming with another fever.  We gave her medicine, but her fever was not lowering. 

Deciding we should get her to the hospital, we began getting everyone dressed.  Before we left, we read in a book that we should wait for another hour and see if her fever would reduce.  We prayed and within thirty minutes, her fever broke to 101.4*.   She battled her fever for most of the day, but by dinner time, it was completely gone. (Thank you, Lord!)  Her fever hasn't been back, which is such a blessing.  

It is such a helpless feeling when your baby becomes ill.  Worry, panic, and fear quickly take over a parents mind!  We feel extremely blessed that it only lasted one day and that she didn't experience anything else.  She slept a lot during the next day, but other than that she was back to feeling normal.  Again, thank you, Lord. :)