Scenes From DC | Part 1

"family", "travel", "washington dc"Liz LuscombComment
Bubba, the kids, and I quietly sneaked a spontaneous trip to Washington, DC last week for two days.  
I'm serious when I say spontaneous.  
Bubba came home from work Sunday night and I said we are going to DC tomorrow, and he said, "awesome" and the rest, as they say, is history.
I chose Washington, D.C. because 1) I've always wanted to visit and 2) everything is FREE!  

This trip was exactly what we all needed, too.  Do you ever feel like you just need a breather from your day to day routine?  A break from your own backyard?  A chance to have someone else make your bed, prepare your meals?  I know we did.  We haven't had a getaway in a year and a half!  So to us, this was exactly what the doctor ordered.  Some of you would probably say we are nuts to take two babies on a trip like that, and I totally get why you think that.  The kids were cranky, they screamed, tried to run off into crowds or streets, and they made public embarrassing scenes with their bodily functions.  However, if I stayed at home because I knew my kids would behave like the toddlers that they are, then I would be stuck inside my four walls for many years, and I don't want that.  

I'll leave my Washington, D.C. tips and closing thoughts on part II.