Rori Update

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Age: 10 months
Weight: I can't remember

Baby, Sissy, Little girl, Lucy, Princess, Pumpkin, Cuddle Bug


Foods:  She has moved on to finger foods!  She still takes formula with her meals, but for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, she is eating regular foods.  (I still haven't given her eggs.  I'm nervous!)  So far she is doing great with her food and eats just about anything you set in front of  her.

Development: She can shake her head no at you, climb, crawl, pull herself up, clap, and tries to stand on her own.

Her personality:  Rori has been growing in to herself, expressing her independence, facial expressions (her favorite expression is what I call the bunny nose), playing with toys, etc.  She is still my laid back little baby who sleeps like a champ.  I often say that I need just one more baby that's just like her.
She loves to cuddle with me and will often fall asleep lying on me...which I totally love.  Makes my heart pitter patter. :)

Rori is our last child, so I've been savoring every moment of her being my sweet baby.  I sometimes think God got the teen years and the baby years backwards.
In my eyes, the baby stage should last for years, while the teenage stage should only last one year.  Sounds better to me!