Over The Weekend

Liz LuscombComment
1| Rori is eating like a toddler now 2| I've been reading, Edge of Apocalypse 3| I came up with a killer marinade for chicken AND pork 4| Rori & me 5| My son told me, "You look like a nice old lady with glasses on." 6| Need any bread? 7| Playing with my recent app, Snapseed.  I actually wrote this on our chalkboard 8| It has been warming up so we took advantage and went outside 9| Self portrait challenge 10| The snack my son stole from me: baby bell cheese wedge & wheat crackers 11| This kid takes his blanket everywhere 12| We discovered a cute little town with a park 13| Scout sleeping 14| The hubs and I about to go shopping 15| Scout was being a terror this day so I decided he could be a terror outside 16| Following a trail 17| Sticky hair 18| Watching a movie 19| The cabinet door fell off when I opened it - naturally the hubs is fixing it 20| This is the wrapping paper my toddler found and then threw down the stairs 21| Rori eating my lens cap 22| Scout terrorizing my books

Pictures were taken Friday, Saturday, Sunday February 2013