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Hi everyone!  I'm guest posting today over at Newborn Mama.  I hope you check Teressa out, she was great to advertise with if you're looking to sponsor anyone!

As mothers, I think we can recall moments when our children stood at our feet to tell us something "very important".  

I think we can also recall our response to them.  

Mine goes a little something like this,
Nodding head vigorously, "mmm hmm...wow, that sounds great..." while never making eye contact.

I am ashamed that too often, that is my response and the message it is sending to my children is one that says, mom is too busy to listen to you.  


That is not how I want my children to remember me. Could you imagine how awful it would feel if Jesus did that to us?  Smile and nod when we are trying to tell him something important?  

My children deserve my full attention so they will always feel loved and valued.  By giving my full attention, it sends the message that they are more important than whatever else I'm busying myself with.

How do you change your old ways?
  • Acknowledge.  When they tug at your shirt, ask what they need.  I can't tell you how many times I've stopped to see what they needed, only to find out they wanted to give me a hug.  That's something you never want to miss!
  • Listen.  James 1:19 ...be quick to listen, and slow to speak...  Sometimes I have to repeat this to myself while my eleven year old rambles.  I also remind myself to just stop and listen to what he has to say because there may come a day when he won't want to talk to me as much.  What may not seem important to me, it is important to him.  So make sure you stop and listen.
  • Look.  Look at them when they are speaking to you or look at what they have to show you.
  • EncourageSmile and encourage them as they tell you something.
  • Consistence.  Be consistent in showing your child's voice matters to you.
This list may be a small gesture in the big scheme of motherhood, but it's the little things that add up.  

It is not always easy being an intentional listener, especially when your to-do list out numbers the hours there are in a day, but in the end it is worth it; because I want my children to one day reflect on their childhood and remember having a joyful mother that was always available for them.  

Our goals in life is to be more like Jesus, the perfect parent who will always pause and listen when we call to him.  Therefore, we should as well.  

Thanks for reading!

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