Scout Update

Liz LuscombComment
I haven't done a Scout update in a loooong time.  I figure it is overdue.  
Let's begin.

Age: 19 months (one year 7 months)
Weight: 27lbs 

Those eyes get me every time...

Scout-y, Scout-a-cus, Scout, Dennis The Menace, Mayhem, Bud, Buddy

 He has developed quite a vocabulary! 
Here are words that he says most often:
"There you go."  "Here you go."
"No, no."  "Boo boo."
"No WAY!"
"Sissy."  "Whoa-wee."  (Rori, his sister)
"Nay-ten."  (Nathan, big brother)
"Mama, DaDa."

You get the drift. He can repeat just about any simple word or phrase you say.  

He was once my little boy that ate anything I put in front of him.  Not anymore! I can't even get him to eat fruit!  He will eat chicken, pasta, cookies, mac&cheese...that's about it. He is officially a picky eater. 

He is such a monkey and a smarty pants.  He has already figured out how to open the safety locks on the cabinets! Drives me bonkers. I can't take my eye off this kid for a second or he will be running out the door, in cabinets/closets, moving chairs to climb on furniture/counters, drawing on the walls, etc.  He is a wonderful handful.  

He makes us laugh.  A lot.  He is a daredevil, beats up his big brother, helps us carry in groceries, takes things to the trash, undresses himself, plays in his own poop, gives us a lot of kisses and hugs, loves to dance, and is obsessed with Thomas The Choo-Choo Train. 

All around, this little boy of mine has a great disposition on life.  He laughs all the time, even if he falls down.  I wouldn't have him any other way.