Art Journal | Update 1

Liz LuscombComment
As you may remember, I have started my attempts at art journaling.  If you don't remember, then you can read about it here(It's a short read.)   

So far, I think it is going well.  My art style seems to be child-like.  I would prefer it to be realistic and detailed, however, I don't possess those skills. :) Haha.  

Any way, I completed my cover by modge podging pieces of fabric to the front.  I wanted to use deeper neutrals, (navy, maroon, etc.) but the store only had bright, floral, fabric available in the pre-cut squares.   
Gotta make due with what you've got, right?

Then, on my first page, I used yarn for the tree and then painted the rest using watercolors.  I can't take full credit for the house idea.  I found inspiration for it from a little blog called, Yes and Amen.

So there is my friendly push for you to crack open your journal and get inspired.