Cabin Fever | Art Table

Liz LuscombComment
Rori suffered a head cold for nearly a week, which has passed around with all three kids.  This head cold mixed with rain nearly every day this week, has made the perfect combination for cabin fever. 

So in order to break up the four walls and do something different, I wrapped my table top with art paper.  I found the paper at Michaels craft store, it comes on roll. (like a paper towel)

The object of the activity was to let kids go wild and do whatever they wanted to the table top.  It turned out to be a success.  Even I had to get in on the fun and do a little water coloring, hehe. : D

 This was the only picture he would let me snap. Darn preteens.
 Can you tell we were talking about bacon when Nathan drew this?

After it was all said and done, and everything put away, leave it to Rori to find a missing crayon to color on the floor. :)