Kids Christmas Reel 2012

Liz LuscombComment
This was our first year, as a family, that we have celebrated and understood the true meaning of Christmas.  It certainly made the celebration more special.  

Other than that, I don't have much to say since it was the typical paper ripping, children squealing festivities, however, I do want to mention that this year we hid Nathans presents around the house with a clue attached to each one that would lead him to his next present.  He really enjoyed it. :)  

We had a WONDERFUL Christmas this year!  
And one more thing! I wanted to say that it was hard for me to take pictures of the little ones because Bubba and I both were busy helping them unwrap all of their presents. 
Okay, that's it.

I think this thingy-ma-bopper that N received is really cool.