Art Journal

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Me coming home with new journals is no surprise in my household, mainly because I have written in journals since I was a wee one.  I have filled many, many, books.  I've even written a real book! Ha! 

So, while I have written many journals, they have lacked visually.  Sure, I've added a few pictures here and there or used colored ink/paper, but the creativity stops there.  I've decided to take on a new challenge of using a different medium to express my day to day happenings and feelings.  I figure I'll be stumped at first.  But just like when you write, you just have to start typing and before you know it, words will flow.  I'm sure the same will happen with my attempts at art/sketching/watercolors. I'll take pictures of the journal pages as I go and post them onto here for anyone who would like to see them. 

Until, then...


PS- For anyone interested in the journal I'm using, it is from Miro Notebooks.  They are good quality, made in Salt Lake City and pride themselves in being top quality & organic.