GIMME ONE MORE! | Other News

Liz LuscombComment
My oldest child, Nathan, is a funny kid.  

However, having a funny kid, means he will do things that normal people do not do. Hahaha.

The other day I had a serious case of hiccups.  You know the kind that surprise yourself.  The super loud, uncontrollable screech, that manages to quiet an entire room full of people, sort of hiccup.

My child finds my hiccups hilarious, by the way.  

He also enjoys giving me a hard time--so much so, he decides to follow me around the house acting like a cross between Mr. T and a football coach, yelling at me every time I let out a hiccup-- "GIMME ONE MORE!"  

And of course, I involuntarily let out a large hiccup.  Which he would then, put himself into a squat position, hold up one finger towards my face and shout, "COME ON! GIMME ONE MORE!"

Then he would laugh about it when I let out a hiccup.  This continued the entire length of my hiccup spell.


  • In other life news, we have been settling nicely into North Carolina.  It is truly a beautiful state.   We have 98% of the boxes unpacked, most of the pictures are on the wall, etc.  I even convinced my husband to finally hang the TV.  
Because our home is a rental, we were not able to cut holes into the wall to route the wires, however, we found a wire cover from Ikea that we will pick up next week.

  • Nathan is being home schooled.  This unexpected journey will be discussed in an upcoming blog post.
  • It is beginning to look and feel a lot like Christmas in our house.  We have our lights, Christmas tree, and scented candles burning!  The only thing we are lacking is the cooler weather! Although, I'm not complaining about the 60 and 70 degree weather.  It has felt great! 
I think this is it for now.  I owe every one a more detailed post, but just be patient! Bubba is finishing up his online classes and is hogging the computer!  On top of that, Nathan has ALL of his schooling on the computer, so it is rare that I can get on the computer for any length of time.  
Sooooo...until we win the lottery and I can purchase another computer, my posts will be scattered.