A Little Green Cabinet

Liz LuscombComment
This is our famous book shelf--turned cabinet.  Or is it, cupboard?  Whatever you want to call it, it is that piece of furniture that I won't give away.  I'll drag it along with me wherever I move!

While we lived in Utah, I made a trip to DI (aka Deseret Industries)  which is like the Good Will version for the West. 

When I scored this book shelf, for a whopping $5, it was in really bad condition.  I don't have pictures of the before to share, but I do have a picture during the process of repairing it.  We had to fix the molding, among other things.

Here is the "during" photo.

And here is the after!

 We used contact paper from Home Depot for the back of the shelf.  We cut the pieces to size and then used spray adhesive to apply it.  As for the door, we purchased window screen in a gold color and built a frame using cheap wood.  We then stapled the screen mesh to the frame and used mini hinges to secure the door to the book shelf.

This hardware was also purchased from Home Depot.

 I can't figure out a good way to stage the bookshelves.  The only thing I can think of is putting something inside of the wood bowl.  Other than that, I'm clueless.  
I am open for suggestions!

One last time.  Before & After!

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