Gobble, Gobble 2012

Liz LuscombComment

We just moved to North Carolina--where we know absolutely no one--less than one week ago.  To say that we were unprepared for the holiday is a slight understatement.  Sure we had the meat, but that was about it.  We did all the shopping the day before and the dishes were made the day of, except the pie.  

But even though this holiday was rushed and decorated with unpacked boxes, we made it a pretty good one.  We celebrated with big thanks to the big guy (God) for all of our blessings, (which was a long list) and then stuffed our faces with old fashioned thanksgiving staples: Ham, stuffing, pie, rolls, gravy, potatoes, corn.  
Dinner was successful in throwing us all into a food daze. If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, then you probably saw a few photos...like the mouse hole I dug into the stuffing dish.  :)  I couldn't help myself.


I hope everyone had a wonderful day celebrating the great things we are all thankful for. :)