Day 2 & 3 of Gratitude

Liz LuscombComment
I'm already off to a bad start keeping up with the 30 Days Of Gratitude.  I have good reasons though.  Trying to pack up a house with three kids (one of which is a baby and another is a toddler) and a husband working constant overtime to ensure we have plenty of money to move on...well...it's the recipe for many crazy days.

So I'm lumping up two days of gratitude on this post.

Friday was my 31st birthday, and I'm very thankful for being able to celebrate another year!! 

And today, I'm thankful for the little things in life: good food, good friends and family, good spirits, a roof over my head, and a cool bed to crawl into. (we are still running our a/c here in the south)

Okay, I'm sleepy and ready to hit the hay after a very long and seemingly unproductive day.  

Until tomorrow,