Making Butter

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I made butter today.  

I'm not sure what possessed me to do it, other than the fact that I had a whole cup of cream sitting in my refrigerator that was about to expire.  

I wasn't in the mood to bake...so I turned to my son Nate...
Me: "You wanna make some butter?"  
Nate:  Are you serious?
Me: Yes.  Do you?
Nate: You're seriously making butter?
Me: Yes!! Good Grief!
Nate: Ughhhh....I'm going to pass, mom.  (he looked at me like I suddenly grew a second head...sheesh)

Am I the only one who has made butter?  Surely not.

Any way. 

I didn't do much, my Kitchenaid did all of the grunt work for me.  I just stood and watched the magic happen.  

Step One:
Throw a cup of cream in the mixer, equipped with a whisk attachment and turn that bad boy on.

Looking good.

Don't become distracted by the tasty whipped cream!
Or you can be distracted like me and help yourself to a well deserved finger dunk for all this hard work.  Mmmmm.

Back to work!

Butter!  At this point you want to drain the liquid in a strainer, then return it to the bowl and mix again for a minute.

Then strain it again. 

Now you are finished!  Just add salt and refrigerate! **And because it is fresh butter, it won't last as long...probably a week or so.**

After I made the butter, I put garlic, herbs and salt in it; then spread it on an Italian loaf of bread, wrapped it up and stuck it in the freezer.
This way I will have garlic bread when I need it later this week.

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