High Five For Friday!

Liz LuscombComment

1.  The week started off busy and then stayed busy.  On Monday, it was a scramble of cleaning the house, park play date, and then running all over town to find three sculptures to take pictures of for Bubba's art class.  

2.  Tuesday was a big day for big news!  For the entire month, we've been biting our fingernails, wondering if Bubba would be accepted into the University of North Carolina in Charlotte, NC, and on Tuesday, we found out that he did indeed make the cut.  What does this mean for us?  A LOT! It means we have a lot of money to save by January. lol. 

3.  Bubba treated me to a day of sleeping in and a home cooked breakfast when I woke up.  Then it was a busy day of phone calls, finishing up errands, and planning.  The picture of the cowboys are from when we went grocery shopping.  Two cowboys unloaded this girls cart for her.  That's how we roll here in Texas. ;)

4.  Yesterday was spent with more planning, phone calls, and looking for a possible city to live in that is between Pageland, South Carolina and Concord, North Carolina.  If anyone is familiar with this area, please give me advice on where we should go!  I've never been to NC, but I'm hopeful that we will love it. 

5.  Today, the kids and I are going to take advantage of this cool weather and hang around outside a bunch today! It will also be sweater weather this weekend which makes me super happy.  ;)

How was your week?
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