7 Years Today

Liz LuscombComment

The sales girl made us take this picture after we had picked out our rings.  This was at Helzberg 4-09-2005

this guy.  i married him seven years ago today.  i'm not one to plan anything special for this sort of occasion, but i feel i owe him a tribute for being the wonderful husband that he is.  so here goes.  bubba...thanks for being kind to me day in and day out.  you anticipate my needs and finish my sentences for me when my brain decides it can no longer think for itself.  you are and always have been, a wonderful father to your children, who in return, adore you for it.  you respect me as a woman and a wife and a mother to your children.  you work hard to make all of our dreams come true.  you scarfice things you want, need, and time for me.

thank you.

i'm truly happy that every day, i get to wake up with you.  i love you.  so let's say cheers to another great year of marriage.