We Still Remember

Liz LuscombComment
I think most of us remember what we were doing on this day eleven years ago.  I was at work, building wire harnesses for airplanes.  


This was a day that made us cover our mouths with trembling hands.  It was a day we clung to the edge of our couches; glued to our televisions. 

It was a day of disbelief.

But eleven years later, we still remember with great details, of the historic yet tragic day.  


A few years ago, my husband and I were fortunate enough to take a trip to New York.  We were able to see ground zero before they built the memorial. It is definitely an experience to see it in person and I highly recommend visiting if you ever find yourself in the area.  Beware though! It will make you a little emotional!

click for pic source: zurmat.com