Rori: 6 Months

Liz LuscombComment
i remember this day, a long time ago when the faded, blue flannel shirt I wore was the coolest thing since sliced bread.  i spoke my words confidently to a friend sitting casually in the passenger seat of my larger than life 80-something-oldsmobile. "i will never buy a mini-van...i will never have kids...i will never get married..."   
famous last words.
well, i did get married.
i did have kids; three to be exact.
and all i do, is dream about the day that i finally have keys to my shiny mini-van.

but that really doesn't have much to do with today's post.  today i am here to tell you how father time is taking my little pumpkin away from me.  she is already six months old!  don't get me wrong, i can believe it.  
i just wanted my little baby to stay a little baby.  now she is my big baby.

she has the cutest two bottom teeth that poke out when she smiles. ;)
she hasn't learned to crawl yet, but she is getting there.  
she started eating baby food this week.  so far she enjoys apples and sweet potatoes. ;)
she likes to play with toys and also likes to grab at everything that she is not supposed to touch. 
other than that, she is right where she needs to be in her development.  she will be going to the doctor next week for her checkup.  
i do know that she will have to stay on her special formula because i tried giving her soy milk, only to have her throw up cottage cheese and then deal with her screaming because of a tummy ache. :(
this somewhat concerns me because this is exactly how Scout behaved with his formula and he has a ton of food allergies.  let's hope Rori stays away from food allergies.

looooook at that face! don't you just want to squeeze her!? (I know the pic is blurry, but i just really liked the picture.)

that's it. bye, now.