Learning To Use My Camera

Liz LuscombComment
Today, I embarked on the journey of how to use my camera, and lemme tell ya, it isn't as easy as 1-2-3. 
Photography has its own language, acronyms, and a long list of equipment.
It's tough stuff.

But here is what I've found to be the most important stuff: 
  • Lighting is a big deal
  • Aperture is surprisingly important
  • Exposure
  • Angles-gotta know the good ones
  • Focus, focus, focus
  • Annnnnd, you need to take forty pictures of the same thing just so that one will come out good enough to use.

Here are my practice pictures.  (all of these pictures are unedited)

This picture is me playing with the aperture.  You know that classic effect of having the blurred background while your subject is in focus.

This picture shows how it is necessary to focus on your subject before you snap the picture.

Again, focus.  Gotta focus on the right thing.

This is aperture again.

This shows the importance of angles.  This dead on shot doesn't look as nice as the next picture.

Whoa Nelly!  This is an example of me having my aperture opened too much.  

This shows the importance of lighting and how hard it is to get good lighting inside of a house.  This picture was taken in the house with Mr. N standing directly in front of the door that was wide open.
More lighting.  Can you see the difference in how the lighting outside on a shaded porch still came out better than the picture above with Mr. N?

This an over exposed pumpkin.  Exposure was way off causing a neon pumpkin...I think.
Any way, that is it for now. :)  I'm sleepy and I want to crawl into bed.