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 Another blogger, Nicole, wants her readers to write a post about how they met their spouse and then post the link in the comment section of her blog.  I thought this sounded really fun, so here goes.

Story of Us

It was Halloween night, 2004.  I was a single mother taking her three year old son trick or treating in her boss' neighborhood.  My boss, Dr. B, convinced me the year before to trick or treat in her neighborhood because they handed out candy as if it grew on trees.

Which was awesome because I'm the parent who chows down on the sweet stuff after the kid crashes into a sugar coma.

Back to the story.

Like I said, we were trick or treating, and we knocked on the door of Dr. B's neighbor.  A boy who went by the name of Bubba answered the door, along with his roommate, Kobe.  They acted baffled at the fact that someone knocked on their door and they scrambled around in their kitchen, desperately searching for candy to give to Nathan, while apologizing for not buying candy on Halloween.

So yeah.  They came up emptied handed with the candy, but I left my impression on these two.

A few nights later, I was dressing my boss' mailbox up in the middle of the night for her birthday.  (Her birthday was the day after mine, so technically I was decorating her mailbox on my birthday for her birthday.  Make sense? Haha.)  Any hoo, I decided to be bold and ask the guys to join me for a night at the bar in celebration of my 23 birthday. 

After a few knocks, a figure came jumping down the stairs, skipping steps, through the glass window on the door.  Bubba answered.  I shyly asked if they wanted to join me, but they declined b/c they had to work early in the morning.

I felt a little foolish, to say the least!  So I went out and met my friends and had a lousy time.  Kidding! I had a good time. ;)

Fast forward to the next day, I told my boss everything and she and her neighbor decided to play match maker and spoke to Kobe on my behalf.  Next thing I knew, Kobe (the roommate) was calling the office, asking me for a date that night.  I said, yes.

The woman behind it all, Dr. B!
Nervously, I met Kobe at his house only to find out that Bubba is coming along too.  I suddenly became very confused if this was a "date" or not.  Me. Two guys...all going out for dinner and a movie???  Awkward!!

Needless to say, it was Bubba and I who were brushing hands in the theater and it was Bubba who made  my stomach do flip flops.  

But the night had to end and I said my awkward good-byes to the both of them without any promise of a future get-together.  Besides, I left early the next morning for a fun trip to Las Vegas.

Me in Las Vegas, with the penguins at the The Flamingo Hotel.
While in Vegas, I received a call the morning I was to fly home.  It was Kobe.  He had invited me over once my plane landed.  Even though I was disappointed it wasn't Bubba who had called, Kobe explained to me that Bubba was in jail for Public Intoxication.  

Wow.  I thought.  What a winner I picked.  But it was a situation where he was in the wrong place at the wrong time and was being released that afternoon.  So Bubba would be there by the time I arrived.  

As soon as my plane landed, I scurried home in traffic, threw on my got-to-look-casual-but-still-super-cute- outfit on, with my glasses to make me look smart with just enough makeup to enhance the eyes.  

This was my strategy, and luckily it worked.  Bubba and I stayed up until 7am just talking and cuddling.

One week later, Bubba moved in with me. 

And the rest, as they say, is history. ;)   We were married October 8, 2005.