Smell Blind

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 Any of you ever watched the movie, Walk Hard: Dewey Cox Story?  There is a scene in the beginning where Dewey Cox goes smell blind as a kid.  I couldn't find that scene which would have been PERFECT for this post, but this clip is a close second.  It will make more sense toward the end when he is smelling poop.

Video Source: mojo69monkey @ youtube

I don't know how or why it happened, but as a youngster, I went smell blind.  ::True story::  I can't smell much.  I can't even smell poopy diapers. In fact, I'm so smell blind, that I am the butt of many jokes in my household.  

I'm sure you're thinking: So?

I'm telling you this because of a slighty gross--slightly funny--story, that may have saved my oldest son some very unnecessary torture if I had a sense of smell.  Unfortunately for him; I do not.  And unfortunately for him, he has a new nickname: ca ca face.

The Story

I came into the living room and noticed a large wet spot on one of our throw pillows.  I didn't think to much about it since Scout's "spill proof" cups seem to leak every where.  So I just threw the pillow into the corner to be taken back to the laundry room before bed.  

Now enters Bubba, who just finished giving Scout a bath after a late night nap.  He was worn out from spending a day at the lake.  
Any way, Bubba informs me that Scout blew up his diaper and had leaked out onto the side of his shorts.  

Me: Gross

Bubba:  Yeah, it was.

We're great communicators.

Here comes the ill fated moment for Nathan.  
Nathan, being rowdy as usual, came barreling into the living room, trying to hide from Scout.  Nathan decided he would run and grab the pillow and dig his face into it (for whatever reason).
About two miliseconds later, Nate threw the pillow across the room and yelled, "GROSS!! THAT PILLOW SMELLS LIKE CRAP!"  

This is that moment when the light bulb came on above my head.  I immediately started laughing so hard I was crying.  I couldn't even speak to tell them WHY  I was laughing so hard.  

Slowly, I managed to sputter out enough words that Bubba caught on and began rolling in laughter, too.  

Poor Nate.  He was still clueless.  Bubba finally contained himself long enough to tell Nathan who instantly darted off to the bathroom and scrubbed off one side of his face.

Sigh....sometimes parenthood is very funny, folks.  See?  Now if I had not of been smell blind, I would have known about the pillow to begin with! 
Oh! And don't worry, Nate really did scrub one side of his face off with anti bacterial soap, and I immediately took the pillow to the washing machine where it was cleaned thoroughly, and then bleached and then washed again.  

I'm sorry for grossing everyone out with this story.  But sometimes it's just life. :D