Donut Tradition

Liz LuscombComment

One morning, a long time ago, I drove with the midnight dew still clinging to my front windshield, on my way to buy a bag of chocolate sprinkled donuts.

After all, it was his big day.

Nate was starting Kindergarten so I treated him that morning with one of his favorites.  

The Chocolate Sprinkled Doughnut. 

There is something special about eating sprinkles for breakfast as a kid.   It makes one feel like they're getting away with something that is normally considered to naughty to eat for such an important meal.

As each year has passed, on the first day of school, I wake up with the roosters, drive to the doughnut store and I buy Nate his usual. 

I'm sure one day, he will tell me "no sprinkles" and he will ask for just a regular doughnut or ask me to grab an eclair, but the tradition will still be the same.

On Tuesday, he started the sixth grade.   
Middle School!  
Gosh...I can't begin to tell you how young that makes me feel.  :)

His day was pretty typical:

Me:  Did you get lost?
Nate: Yep.  Twice.
Me:  Hahaha.
Nate:  Stop laughing at me.

Me:  Did you go to all the right classes?
Nate:  No.  I went to PE when I was supposed to be in Math.  It was really embarrassing.
Me:  Hahahahaha!  That cracks me up.
Nate:  Stop laughing at me. :)
Me:  Sorry.  I had to.  Don't feel bad, I've done the same before.  I even did it in college.
Nate:  Suuure...

Me:  Figure out your locker?
Nate:  Yes and No.  I had trouble with it and a teacher found me and she walked me to my next class.
It was really embarrassing.  I told her I knew how to do it but she wouldn't listen and just made me go to class anyway. 
Me:  Ha!
Nate:  Seriously mom?
Me:  Sorry.  Was your day good though?
Nate:  Yeah, it was really good!  I like it so far!! :)

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