A Weighty Issue

Liz LuscombComment
It's no surprise that when a woman becomes pregnant six weeks after she had just given birth to her second child; she would gain weight.  Not only would she gain weight, but she wouldn't work out for nearly two years.  Not working out for two years and stuffing your face with all sorts of pregnant induced cravings, and then giving birth for a third time...let's just say that her body would not be in the same shape.

If you're guessing who this woman is; it's me.  Good ole, Liz.  I kept telling myself: I'll lose it.  I did on my first one.  It won't take long.  HAHAHA!  I wish I could go back in time and slap that HoHo out of my hand and wag my finger at my former pregnant self.  

Alas.  I can't, and after I swore I would start working out, the Texas summer approached and I discovered that I enjoyed the air conditioned comforts of my house while eating more HoHo's and Cheetos.  

::Big Sigh::

It's time.  It's time that I get serious because I'm not losing it on my own.  I've never really had to "work" at losing weight.  I've normally just been able to go for a couple of walks, eat a salad for lunch and BOOM, I lost ten pounds.  

Those days are apparently over.  So I busted out the gym shoes, and realized that I've had these shoes for five years and they look almost brand new.  Probably from not using them very much. 

I know what all of you in-shape-size-right-healthy-people are thinking.  Go ahead and make jokes now because you won't be later!  

Any who, I started the Jillian Michaels twenty pound workout video. 

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On day one, I screamed for my mommy.

On day two, I cried when I couldn't move a single limb on my body without it being in excruciating pain.

Jillian hurts my legs and my butt.  Jillian makes my butt and chest shake in a way that is embarrassing and painful.
She makes every muscle in my body burn until they tremble until I'm walking like a new born calf.   

Did I mention that she made me cry?  For days?

It's getting better though.  Just cross your fingers for me, say a prayer, and wish me the best of luck.  I have a long road ahead of me. : )