Rori At 4 Months

Liz LuscombComment
Rori is now 4 months old! 
I would like to say that time is flying by, but it's kinda feels like things are finally slowing down for us.  While I was pregnant with Rori, Scout was only 6 weeks old.  So, with the anticipation of Rori's arrival and Bubba's career changes, it felt like time was passing by at warp speed, making it hard to savor all those "first moments".  But like I said, with Rori it has been different.  She has taken her time growing, she is quiet, and oh-so pretty-to patiently watch as she develops all of those "first milestones".

So enough jibber jabber.
Rori has hit all the development stages that she is supposed to.  She rolls over, holds her head up, kicks and laughs, and all those cutesy things that babies are good at.  She is also sitting up straighter in her Bumbo, she is discovering her hands and realizing that they can do things, like hit dangling toys.  She talks all the time and she is now fully aware of the people who are around her.  She finds Scout HILARIOUS!  She loves to play, she is patient, and by far my best baby.

I'm sure there are a ton of things I'm forgetting, but she is on target with her weight, height, etc.  She eats like crazy and is finally out of her 0-3 month size clothes. ;)
Yay for Rori!

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