Rori's Dresser

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Just a few short months ago, while still pregnant with Rori, I stumbled across an old dresser shoved deep into a shed. I saw the potential immediately and told my busy husband to pull it out for me. 

He told me, "No way." 

We went back and forth on it for a couple of days, and despite my "it'll be so pretty after I fix it up" speech, he still didn't want to touch it because according to him it was beyond repair.

I stood my ground and he gave in and dug it out of this crowded, spider trapped, shed and took it to the shop where I was waiting impatiently.  Once he brought in all the pieces, I scanned everything, making a mental list of what needed to be replaced and repaired.

He was right, after all.  It was a mess, and this project wasn't going to be easy.  I immediately began taking things apart when he stopped me and told me that he would fix it up for me.


I tell ya, these "husbands" come in handy ladies. If you don't have one, then you should definitely get one. 

So...here is a picture of the before and after for you.  (Just in case you're wondering, Bubba put wood letters on her dresser, "Lucy", which is her middle name.  He thought he was going to get away with calling her Lucy instead of Rori. heehee)

We ended up spending a total of about $85

Big difference, eh?

Despite the all the hard work he had to do, it was worth it. It is a cute dresser that is solid wood and can hold up for the rest of Rori's childhood or even longer.

If you're wondering where in the world the drawers are, I can tell you without a doubt that they are in the garbage, while one was turned into a shelf that now hangs above Rori's crib.


They were to rotted from termites to be saved, so ONE day, when things calm down around here, (hahaha) we are having to make drawers from scratch. I'll let you know once we do that. : /

Here is a huge photo dump some more pictures of the journey that was taken with this dresser. 

Now it's coming together.

We had to purchase a new mirror from a glass company here in town.  It cost us $25.

This is the only salvageable drawer that was turned into Roi's shelf.

The dresser was primed, then painted, then glazed with an antique glaze, then two clear tops.  All was purchased at Lowes.

Before the antique glaze was brushed on. (We used a sponge brush)

Sorry for the poor lighting in the rest of these pictures. I purchased self adhesive contact paper for $10 through Amazon.

 The End

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