Rori At Two Months

Liz LuscombComment

Rori had her two month check-up this afternoon and it looks like she is doing great!  
Her weight is now 9lbs 8oz (25%) & 22 3/4" long (55%).  

She is still sleeping pretty good, only waking up anywhere from once to twice per night and she is eating between 4 and 5 ounce bottles at each feeding.  She finally fits into 0-3 month clothes (although a little loose) and wears a size 1 diaper.

Overall, she is my best baby yet.  She is laughing, finding her voice (she is cooing like crazy) and loves to play and interact with people.  She is staying awake longer during the day and wants you to hold her every second that she is awake.
What can I say? She is my cuddle bug. ;)  

As far as shots go, I hate giving babies shots so I convinced the hubs to wait one year before giving her any vaccinations.

That about sums up Rori at two months.
See you at her 4 month visit!