A Lady's Spilled Purse

Liz LuscombComment
So the other day, the hubs and I took a quick trip to a packed Sam's Club with the kiddos when the unthinkable happens...Scout took my purse and flung it out of the cart.

I watched in slow motion as it hit the floor, spilling its entire contents.
AND, since my wonderful husband forgot to zip my wallet back up when he dug around in it for a couple of dollars earlier, every bit of loose change scattered in every direction, making every bystander stop in their tracks and stare at me, the ground, the laughing toddler and the nervous husband.  One mom even held her kids back until Bubba and I could pick everything up off the floor instead of going around us. 

As a woman, a publicly spilled purse is mortifying.  Especially if you have neglected to clean it in a while! Luckily for me, I had just taken a small clutch that didn't have much in it since I USUALLY just stuff everything in the diaper bag.  But that day I didn't feel like lugging around that diaper bag so I just stuffed the essentials in my small clutch. 

BUT I haven't always been so lucky.  On my 25th birthday, Bubba took me out to swanky restaurant.  For it being my birthday, there were a lot of quirks happening throughout that day so I'm not surprised that my purse practically exploded in front of a crowd of people, leaving brightly wrapped tampons all over the ground for all to see! Oh my gosh...what does my husband do?  He stood there and laughed his butt off while I scrambled to pick up all the tampons, receipts, wallet, pens etc. off the ground.  Sheesh...

You know what? There has been other times too.  Like at the bar, or in the parking lot...but it never fails, it's always when your carrying your really BIG purse that you've basically made into your portable trash can, that you drop.  

I'm just thankful that it was just my small clutch this time and not my big yellow one.  If it had been the purse that Scout tossed out the cart, this is what would have gone all over the place.