Country Boy Fire Pit

Liz LuscombComment

An Easy Country Boy Fire Pit 

I told Bubba last week that I wanted to make a fire pit so that we could roast dawgs & make s'mores.  Yum. ;) 
Turns out I have a fantastic husband, who not only agreed with me but also went outside in a 100 degree heat to build us one.  

I call it, Country Boy Fire Pit, because we made it with things we all ready had around the house, making this puppy absolutely FREE! (That is my favorite word)  

Also, just so you know, this pit wasn't built on a professional level.  We built it on...let's say...a camping level.  Hee Hee. 

Any hoo, here is how we did it.

Step 1:  Set up the size you want it to be.  We used Scout's plastic pool as our guide.  Just lay the pool upside down and mark around it using your shovel or paint.  We used the shovel.

Step 2:  Dig it out, probably about a foot deep.  We just eyeballed it.

Step 3:  Begin placing your stones and rocks in the bottom, around the sides, and on top (to create a platform)

Don't Forget You're Helper!!

Step 4:  Take your smaller, loose gravel and fill in the cracks.

Step 5:  Oh wait...That's it, you're done!!


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