The Little Garden That Could

Liz LuscombComment

Last year I began a vegetable garden and it failed miserably, which is an understatement.  If it wasn't the weeds that took over, then it was the pesky grasshoppers, and if it wasn't the grasshoppers then it was the horrible drought Texas suffered through and if it wasn't the drought, then it was the three months of 112 degree days.  

Then there was the gardener herself who didn't have a clue to what she was doing.  (That's me by the way).

So what is a girl to do after failing to an embarrassing degree?

Try, try again.

So here is an earlier picture of my NEW garden.

I cringe at the very sight of these weeds, but I wasn't about to get my nine month pregnant butt down on my knees to pick them. ;)  Weeds aside, the plants themselves thrilled me because they were coming in so nicely.


So that has turned into this...


 As proud as I am with this picture, there is still some slight problems.  First off, we are hitting the yearly Texas drought again and the soil down south is far from the best at retaining water that you give it.  Then there is the fact that our bell peppers are stubbornly not sprouting up and we lost half a row of carrots, for whatever reason as well as a couple of our okra plants.  So Bubba and I re-planted the carrots and bell peppers and we also decided to plant some yellow squash. 

Here is how the garden is looking today...

 I had to stop here and water the plants.  The 94 degree heat is making them wither!


 Although you can't tell in these pictures, the bell peppers have finally started to sprout. Those things are slow growers.  Either that or they hate me. ;)

There you have it.  My NEW garden.  So far I'm excited and bit proud.  *sniff, sniff*  I think I'll give myself a pat on my shoulder. 

Now if you thought that was it, (chuckling aloud) then you don't know me at all.  Once I become excited about gardening, I want to go all out and plant everything as if I a have a big green thumb.

I also decided to plant herbs in this box that the hubs built me out of some scrap wood.  I don't have an updated picture of this, but the thyme, basil, and cilantro are coming in beautifully. I'm just waiting on all the other herbs to sprout in the Jiffy cups so that I can transfer them to the box.

Other plants around the house are doing good, too.  The peaches are coming out...

 The grapes are budding, too...

Alright, that's it.  No more plants to show you.

For now. (hehehe)

Almost forgot. Here is a run down of everything I planted.



Green beans

Bell peppers

jalapeno peppers

yellow squash



red potatoes




sweet basil