Awkward Family Photo

Liz LuscombComment
Maybe most of you know about a book titled, Awkward Family Photos, and maybe some of you don't.  It's a really funny book of family pictures gone terribly wrong, and it has given Bubba and I a good laugh many times. You should definitely check it out one day.



Any HOO, I am talking about this book because Bubba and I have our own picture that went terribly wrong.  

This picture was meant to be a cute picture of the kids with Bubba while we were hanging out in our room shortly after Scout was born, but as you will be able to see, the picture just looks...well, awkward. ;D

AND...if that isn't funny enough for you, try out my father in law holding his grandson, Scout.  He looks like a deer caught in headlights.  

 Hahahaha!! Sorry Earl!